[Marxism] Rojava or Northern Syria?

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> http://kurdishquestion.com/article/3759-rojava-or-northern-syria
> On 27 December in the town of Rmeilan (Rimelan), the Northern Syria
> Constituent Assembly voted to remove "Rojava," meaning "Western"
> (Kurdistan), from the name of the federal system; initially named the
> "Democratic Federal System of Northern Syria-Rojava" and now called the
> "Democratic Federal System of Northern Syria".
> The aim is to make it clear that the democratic federal system is not just
> for Kurds but for all Syria's ethnicities.
> Chris Slee

I posted this on Facebook with the following comment. Maybe I need to add
here that finding anything of positive value or interest in what the PKK
current and allies do doesn't mean uncritically endorsing everything they

A multi-ethnic, non-sectarian effort within a Balkanising, disintegrating
 Syria. It also brings up complicated questions of national and cultural
 identity within a radical project. The strategy as Phil Hearse has pointed
appears to
have more to do with the "cultural-national autonomy" ideas of Otto Bauer
and the Austro-Marxists than with communitarian anarchism of Murray
Bookchin that are cited as the basis of "democratic confederalism". I don't
think the point is whether these ideas as theories or strategy are in some
abstract or overall sense "better" than more orthodox Marxist ideas that
accept self-determination as a right for oppressed nations but are rather
negative about promoting cultural and national identity (for one thing John
Ridell has argued http://links.org.au/node/208 that the Bolsheviks in power
went a bit Austrian in practice). I think the point is these ideas might be
relevant to the concrete situation in the Middle East.

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