[Marxism] tankie conference on 1917

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 06:32:35 MST 2017

Counterfire, the journal of the ex-revolutionaries behind the UK Stop the
War Coalition, is holding a conference to mark the centennial of the
Bolshevik Revolution:
Among the speakers are leading opponents of the Syrian Revolution such as
Lindsay German, John Rees and Tariq Ali.
This is not only morally outrageous, but strategically and ideologically
Stop the War has repeatedly refused appeals for support from Syrian
revolutionaries, and in a recent sum-up of the supposedly deceased
Revolution by Rees, Counterfire blames the Revolutionaries for turning to
the West - ignoring the fact that many did so primarily because there was
little global support from the "Left." (see
Ironically this campist conference could be the occasion for the real Left
globally to come together to discuss the current state of the Left and what
lessons should be drawn from a hundred years of revolution and
counterrevolution - that coming together being an outgrowth hopefully of
collaboration to call for a boycott of this conference.

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