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News flash: No, it does not come from CP garment makers union or any CP anything else.  

The song comes from the Socialist Party, a parody dating from the time of Stalinist raving about "social fascists."  The song was printed in the Young Peoples Socialist League Socialist Song Book.

It was a great favorite at YPSL summer camps in the early 1960's, and we sang it with great gusto, complete with hammy fake Yiddish accent a la Glazer in the link below.  


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>The timing of this is significant. In the early 20s the CP had built a
>growing TUEL-led insurgency against right-wing, corrupt social-dem
>leadership in the needle trades. In 1926 the CP had leadership of a huge
>strike but bungled it as the growing factionalism in the Party led to
>one-upmanship and adventurism, and opened the door to the social-dems
>retaking CP-led locals and sabotaging what was left of the strike. The
>resulting weakening of the Party made it even easier for faction leaders to
>begin playing games with the Party as a whole, exacerbated by the Third
>Period fiasco beginning soon thereafter.
>See Theodore Draper and Jim Cannon.

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>> CP garment union badmouths SP garment union in thick Yiddish accent.
>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7gS25pfTDg
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