[Marxism] Trumponomics as professional wrestling

John Reimann 1999wildcat at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 12:51:01 MST 2017

Of course, it is true that Obama led the way to Trump, including both
foreign and domestic policy - from Syria to privatization of public
education. But I think it's also a bit more complex than that. It's a bit
like saying that the neoconservatives didn't represent a real change in US
foreign policy. They did, though, and the disasters they were responsible
for (disasters for US capitalism) and the ones they had planned (especially
an attack on Iran) were why the tops of Corporate America replaced them
with Obama, a president who was much more strategic and who understood that
US capitalism does need allies and cannot just send troops in wherever and
whenever it likes, despite the fact that no force can militarily stand up
to them.

Take the appointment of Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor. There's
a reason he was fired from his last job as intelligence head of the Defense
Intelligence Agency - he was considered too eccentric, to given to
conspiracy theories. See this article
in the New Yorker, for example. Then there are his rants about Islam. All
the serious strategists for US capitalism would be aghast at this sort of
thing because it plays right into the hands of the Islamic fundamentalists.

In general, the tops of the US military tend to be more strategic and
closer to the tops of the US capitalist class and their strategists than
almost any other sector of US society. But there is also a layer that more
resembles "Dr. Strangelove" - the truly crazed elements. Flynn represents
that type.

It's similar with a whole series of other Trump appointments.

There is another point: What Trump has set loose will not be so easily put
back in the bottle. This is especially so as far as "free" trade, and in
particular the TPP. This pact was not only important for economic reasons,
but for strategic ones as far as combating the influence of China in Asia
and elsewhere. Will Trump now be able to sign a TPP? Seems unlikely, and
some of his appointments indicate that he doesn't intend to try.

So, it's not that the Democrats are the answer, but I do think that Trump's
election represents a qualitative change from what we've seen over recent

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