[Marxism] [pen-l] Fwd: Trump-Intelligence-Allegations.pdf

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 06:04:20 MST 2017

Trump's Republican opponents in the primaries hired this ex-MI-6 guy.  (My
understanding is that MI-6--the Secret Intelligence Service--is the UK's
equivalent of the CIA looking at foreign affairs, while MI-5 is more like
the FBI doing what it claims is internal security.)  So this fellow and
whoever he hired wrote up these reports and passed them to Ted Cruz or
whoever hired them and they, in turn, passed them on to the CIA.

My rule of them is not to trust people or institutions who regularly lie to
us.  In this case, you have the intelligence community that regularly lies
to us telling us one thing and Donald Trump who regularly lies to us
telling another.

Certainly, none of this seems in the least out of character for Trump,
though, if it's true, it gauges what might be an unprecedented arrogance,
carelessness, and stupidity for a president.

Perhaps the most likely explanation is that the intelligence community has
some very solid information and is using these allegations as a shot across
the bow to get Trump to stop openly criticizing them.  If so, I don't think
he's smart enough to take the hint.


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