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Wed Jan 11 15:46:34 MST 2017

I have always said that Lefties have a problem working out what normal
people think and do. We have even more trouble second guessing the levels
of paranoia that the Intelligence Services feed on. Think *Manchurian
Candidate*.  Think of it as a documentary and you get closer to the world
view of the CIA etc.

It seems to me that the POTUS to-be is in deep trouble. His defence that he
wouldn't be near prostitutes' pee because he is a "germophobe" is almost
worse than an admission of guilt.

The world is faced with huge problems and we have the worst kind of clown
moving into the Oval Office.

Here in Australia, the Right have taken heart from Trump's victory.  It is
probably the same elsewhere.  The Right's problem now is that Trump's
never-ending episodes of humiliation and disgrace will also impact
negatively on them.

The Guardian columnist has said "Let the Follies Begin".
Indeed, they have.



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> On 1/11/17 8:04 AM, Mark Lause via Marxism wrote:
>> Perhaps the most likely explanation is that the intelligence community has
>> some very solid information and is using these allegations as a shot
>> across
>> the bow to get Trump to stop openly criticizing them.  If so, I don't
>> think
>> he's smart enough to take the hint.
> This is exactly right. There is a tendency to see Trump as a Teflon
> president after the fashion of Ronald Reagan but he comes into office with
> the lowest approval rating of any president in recent memory. The CIA and
> NSA tops are filled with Russophobes. Despite the tendency to see RT.com
> and Breitbart as hegemonic, there are many men in their 60s and 70s who are
> quite hostile to the idea of the USA and Russia bonding after the fashion
> of FDR and Stalin.
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