[Marxism] Who Put Trump in the White House

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This is the most dishonest, ignorant, gratuitous "critique" possible.
Either Reimann has never read a single article or book by Moody - including
the one under discussion here - or he is deliberately misrepresenting what
Kim has always said.
Oakland Socialist has printed a couple good articles recently. It would be
a shame to see that spoiled by a reversion to willful ignorance.

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> Kim Moody's article is a perfect example of using statistics to obscure
> reality. It is undeniable that the US working class is in a state of
> confusion, that the traditions of class struggle have weakened greatly over
> recent decades. While Moody cites all sorts of statistics, including the
> voting statistics for union households, the one statistic he doesn't cite
> is the percentage of union *members* who voted for Trump. I have not been
> able to find any polls on that, but the president of the UAW estimated that
> 31% of all union members voted for Trump. I know several (union) carpenters
> who did, including union activists.
> How to explain this?
> The reason Moody cannot explain it is that he has no serious critique of
> the union leadership, to start with. We have a union leadership that for
> decades has been preaching that the members' interests are the same as the
> interests of their employers. See this article
> <https://oaklandsocialist.com/2016/09/02/political-shifts-
> and-the-unions-labor-day-2016/>,
> for example.
> Then there is something else: The traditions of class struggle don't just
> float around in the ether; it exists in the minds of workers, especially
> the more conscious and determined ones. But for decades the union
> leadership has carried out an unrelenting war against exactly that sector
> of their members who best retain those traditions and seek to bring them
> back - in other words, who try to make the unions fight for the members.
> The union leadership has belittled, ostracized and even collaborated with
> the employers against exactly that sector of the membership.
> To this we have to add the decline of heavy industry in the US - exactly
> the sector where the class consciousness tends to be greatest. We saw a
> similar result in the Brexit vote in Britain, where many ex coal miners
> voted in favor of it.
> So, is it any wonder that so many workers fell for the line that because
> somebody has been a successful capitalist, he or she can "get the country
> moving again... make it great again"?
> How this will change is another question, but we do ourselves no favor by
> sticking our heads in the sand.
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