[Marxism] The China Syndrome,

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 07:47:09 MST 2017

I wouldn't say it won't happen. I think trying to predict the actions of
the Hawkish Trump to his Hawkish national security team will not yield a
particularly productive answer.

What *will* happen will be a stream of anti-Chinese rhetoric. Starting with
the "charges" of "currency manipulation". That's a funny charge because
there is nothing illegal about it. All countries do it, most notably the
United States. Secondly, Chinese currency has been *allowed* to float for a
few years now and it's drifted...not jumped!...upward. In this case, Trump
doesn't know what he's talking about its a totally empty charge.

Secondly, more scary, is brinkmanship. Why does everyone here think it's
either "peace" or "war". It's not. It's politics, and it takes many, many
forms, including Trump's actions regarding China. The problem is that
brinkmanship, or confrontation, can indeed lead to shooting. If Trump sends
navy ships into the South China Sea...specifically toward the artificial
reef-islands the Chinese have built, it can portend real problems. So it
remains the 'threat' to do so, that is the "capacity" to confront China
there that is scary...but I doubt the US is going to go in shooting. The
U.S. has lost a real ally here: the Philippines. Other countries, including
Vietnam and Japan, are more fearful of what the Trump lead military might
do than they are of the larger People's Liberation Army. Trump has few
allies in the Pacific, at least in terms of being aggressive toward China.

All that are mitigating factors in what Trump "might do".

David Walters

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