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Sun Jan 15 09:22:34 MST 2017

(Looks like I will be blogging about a number of the articles in the 
latest SR on revolution from tenured professors, with three of my least 
favorite theorists: Zizek, Benn Michaels and Adolph Reed. Patrick Bond, 
of course, will be spared.)

Socialist Register 2017: Rethinking Revolution
Table of Contents

Socialist Register 2017 Preface
Leo Panitch,	Gregory Albo

The Distinctive Heritage of 1917: Resuscitating Revolution’s Longue Durée
Bryan D. Palmer,	Joan Sangster

Class, Party and the Challenge of State Transformation
Leo Panitch,	Sam Gindin

The Actuality Of Revolution
Jodi Dean

Radicalizing the Movement-Party Relation: From Ralph Miliband to Jeremy 
Corbyn and Beyond
Hilary Wainwright

The Heritage of Eurocommunism in the Contemporary Radical Left
Fabien Escalona

Revolution in a Warming World: Lessons from the Russian to the Syrian 
Andreas Malm

Beyond Eco-Catastrophism: The Conditions for Solar Communism
David Schwartzman

South Africa’s Next Revolt: Eco-Socialist Opportunities
Patrick Bond

Turning the Tide: Revolutionary Potential and the Limits of Bolivia’s 
‘Process of Change’
Robert Cavooris

Something Left in Latin America: Venezuela and the Struggle for 
Twenty-First Century Socialism
Steve Striffler

In Search of the ‘Modern Prince’: The New Québec Rebellion
Pierre Beaudet

Marx and Engels on the Revolutionary Party
August H. Nimtz

1917 and the ‘Workers’ State’: Looking Back
A W Zurbrugg

The ‘People’s War’ and the Legacy of the Chinese Revolution
Wang Hui

Revolution as ‘National Liberation’ and the Origins of Neoliberal Antiracism
Adolph Reed

Picturing the Whole: Form, Reform, Revolution
Walter Benn Michaels

Addressing the Impossible
Slavoj Zizek

On Revolutionary Optimism of the Intellect
Leo Panitch

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