[Marxism] Fwd: Desperate Assad conscripting 50-year-olds as beleaguered Syrian regime forces halved by deaths, defections and draft-dodging

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Interesting article. The fact that the so-called "Syrian Arab Army" 
(SAA) has been reduced to a skeleton, and that the armed forces that 
seized Aleppo were largely from the global Shiite jihad organised by 
Iran, which detachments from Iran, Iraq (the US-armed Iraqi army, err, 
Shiite militia), Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc, is widely known by 
clear-sighted observers; and even they couldn't have seized Aleppo from 
its Syrian population without the massive terror unleashed by the 
invading Russian imperialist airforce. The SAA is commonly nicknamed the 
"Syrian Afghan Army", after the large numbers of desperate Afghan Hazara 
refugees in Iran forcibly conscripted by the regime.

Far from heading an Arab nationalist regime, as the Baath Party may have 
been about half a century ago (note: living half a century in the past 
is, sadly, a common problem around parts of the left), the regime is a 
pure satrapy of Russia and Iran, while the country is divided up under 
the regime's watch. Russia has indicated it is staying forever, is 
expanding and upgrading its air and naval bases, and in exchange for 
saving the regime (for now) has extracted a fully colonial treaty from 
the regime. It's main interest is the Alawite-dominated coast, where its 
bases stand. Iran and its global jihad has control of Aleppo and the 
Qalamoun region linking Damascus with the Lebanese border, a region from 
which hundreds of thousands of Sunni have been ethnically cleansed by 
the regime and Hezbollah, as Hezbollah now believes the "road to 
liberating "Jerusalem" runs through Qalamoun, Damascus, Daraya, Madaya, 
Homs, Aleppo, and everywhere else Arab kids can be slaughtered. Turkey, 
with Russian support, controls a section of northern rural Aleppo along 
the border, which it is now filling with Turkish nationalists, Grey 
Wolves etc, as the AKP accepts Assad rule and wants the region, with a 
significant Turkmen presence, to empty many of the 3 million Syrian 
refugees into, the AKP's reversal of policy on both Assad and the 
refugees symbolised by its current alliance with the Turanian 
nationalist MHP. Beyond that region, from Kobane to the far north-east 
is run by the PYD party-state; just to remind the Arabic populations 
within this region who rules, giant pics of Ocalan, a Kurdish leader 
from Turkey, not Syria, dominate the region, including the entrance to 
mostly Arabic Tal Abyad. Strongly backed by the US air-force and US 
special forces, this PYD-run region also sports 2-3 US air-bases. In the 
south, the once mighty FSA Southern Front, which controls much of Daraa, 
has been forcibly demobilised by the US and Jordan, turned from a major 
anti-Assad force to a force maintaining a one-sided "ceasefire" with the 
regime whose role is to protect the Jordanian border from ISIS (simple: 
advance against Assad, arms and support cut off; advance against ISIS or 
attack Nusra, get weapons). Israel of course will maintain its theft of 
the Golan, as guaranteed by the Assad regimes the last 43 years; and now 
guaranteed even more by Netanyahu's two best friends, Putin and Trump.

Still, I wonder why the article, and so many like it, write things like 

The opposing powers brokering peace talks later this month in Kazakhstan 
look set to carve Syria up into different zones of influence.
Mr Assad would keep Aleppo, which is important to Iran as it serves as a 
supply route from Tehran to Hizbollah in Lebanon, as well as coastal
regions where the Russians have bases.

Aleppo cannot serve as a supply route from Iran to Hezbollah, any more 
than all the other volumes of fiction about Iran trying to maintain its 
"land connection" to Hezbollah, via an Assad-ruled Syria, make sense. 
Geographically, it is pure nonsense. The Syria-Iraq border is controlled 
by Kurdish forces, on both sides, in the north, and by the Islamic State 
further down. Even if IS were completely destroyed - an unlikely 
short-term scenario - the Syria-Iraq border on both sides is solidly 
Sunni and hostile to the Syrian, Iraqi and Iranian sectarian regimes. 
Iranian weapons get to Hezbollah via Damascus airport, via Iraqi 
airports (which the US supervises). Until 2011, they were flown to 
Damascus via Turkish airports.

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