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UK "peace" coalition denounces anti-Trump demos

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Communiqué of the National Coordination
of the No War-No Nato  Committee.

Florence, 14 January 2017

The National Coordination of the Committee No War-No Nato  considers that
demonstrating in Europe on January 21st, against the newly elected US
President Donald Trump is tantamount to lending its support to the Obama
administration which has transformed Europe into Nato’s first line of
attack, nuclear matters inclusive, against Russia.

Trump is charged with usurping the position that had been earmarked for
Hillary Clinton, thanks to an operation ordered by the Russian President
Putin. The «evidence» has been provided by the CIA, the most expert
in the field of infiltration and coups d’etat.

The neo-con strategists, the architects of the campaign, are thus seeking
to prevent a possible change in the course in US-Russia relations that the
Obama administration has escalated to the level of cold war.

The easing of the tension with Russia is a particular source for alarm  both
for Nato top brass, which  has swelled in importance on account of the new
cold war, and for groups in power in Eastern countries (notably Poland,
Ukraine and the Baltic states) – which are counting on hostility  vis-à-vis
Russia to bolster the military and economic support  they receive from Nato
and the EU.

This is confirmed by the fact that on 12 January, pursuant to a decision
taken by the Obama administration, a US armoured brigade arrived in Poland
and is empowering the lining up of Nato forces under US command. These
[Nato forces] include troops from Italy, Eastern Europe, in an increasingly
dangerous military escalation against Russia.

In this context, the anti-Trump demonstrations [scheduled for]  January 21st
are transformed into a military stratagem.

On the contrary, we must engage in an even greater mobilization to:

·        liberate our countries from  their subjugation to the United
States, regardless of who its President may be;

·        leave Nato;

·        remove US nuclear weapons from our national territories.

Translated by Anoosha Boralessa

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