[Marxism] Iranaphobia.

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Jan 18 08:38:52 MST 2017

On 1/18/17 10:28 AM, Louis Proyect via Marxism wrote:
> What Vijay obviously refuses to recognize is that in the name of
> secularism, diversity and enlightenment values, Assad is carrying out
> the same kind of ethnic cleansing as Israel. If the Sunni poor, the
> overwhelming majority of the country, had consented to live peacefully
> under a family dynasty that was driving down their standard of living
> mercilessly under a neoliberal regime, there never would have been a
> reason to force Syrians to go into Idlib, which is turning into the
> equivalent of the West Bank.

I should add that the other day a FB friend began messaging me from 
Idlib (which he spells Idleb). He was a law student at the U. of Aleppo 
who was driven into Idlib. He is suffering from a broken leg that 
resulted from a fall when he was running away from a Russian aerial 
bombardment there. This was the first time in a few years when I had 
contact with someone in Syria. The last time it was a former army medic 
who had gone AWOL after seeing captive militia members being tortured in 
a hospital. Assad is the 21st century's bloodiest dictator. Historians a 
decade from now will puzzle over how so many on the left came to regard 
him as a hero.

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