[Marxism] Women's march and the tasks ahead

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"Exactly what the mainstream of US capitalism feared now seems to be under
way: Trump has poked a hornets’ nest. Consider
“The Metro public transit system reported that about 275,000 trips had been
taken as of 11 a.m. Saturday—about eight times normal volume—compared with
roughly 193,000 trips the system recorded on Inauguration Day by the same
time. The city also issued 1,200 bus permits for the march, compared with
400 for the inauguration.”

According to estimates, it was some 2.9 million who marched yesterday – the
largest protest march in US history, and completely dwarfing the inaugural

"*Union Leadership*

"In addition to these connections, the union leadership mobilized its
members. The Carpenters Union leadership, for example, made robocalls to
their members throughout the US, urging them to attend the protests.
Significantly, the president of this union – Doug McCarron – just a month
or so earlier had written a letter
the membership saying that the union would try to “work with” Trump (as did
<https://oaklandsocialist.com/2016/11/14/afl-cios-weak-statement/> AFL-CIO
president Rich Trumka), and normally the Carpenters Union leadership avoids
any mobilization of its membership like the plague.

"What accounts for this turnaround?....

"*Program and Plan of Action*
The wing that is independent of the owners of capital certainly has its
task cut out for it, as yesterday’s protests show. Equally, it has an
opportunity before it as never before for many decades. To accomplish that
task, serious socialists need to work together around a common general
program and strategy:...."


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