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Mon Jan 23 06:05:15 MST 2017

By George Scialabba

According to the delightful science fiction romance film, Her, 
artificial intelligences also socialize, or will before long.1 I imagine 
them asking one another at parties, “Are you an agent?” They will not, 
of course, be asking about literary representation, but about the 
psychological or emotional or moral capacity we commonly call agency. 
They’ll be looking to find out whether the AI they’re meeting answers 
ultimately to itself or to someone else, whether it can set and change 
its own goals, whether it can surprise itself and others. Beings 
possessed of agency are autonomous, spontaneous, capable of initiative, 
and moved by internal as well as external forces or drives.

full: http://inference-review.com/article/the-difference-it-makes

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