[Marxism] Nixon Part 3

Anthony Boynton anthony.boynton at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 08:42:29 MST 2017

Who knows how this roller-coaster ride will go, but Donald Trump has
started his term in office in a weaker position than any president in the
last 100 years. His own party does not like him, his poll ratings are low
and falling, he has not suddenly become coherent after babbling
incoherently through his election campaign, and his inauguration has been
met with the largest wave of protests in the USA since the Viet Nam War.

Martin Luther King day this year had already turned into a national protest
against Trump, but the women's marches turned the anti-Trump anger out on a
scale far, far bigger than anyone, especially the protest's organizers, had
expected. It was not just the 500,000 plus people in Washington DC, the
750,000 plus people in LA, the 400,000 in New York, and the hundred
thousand plus crowds in cities from Boston to San Francisco, it was the
crowds of 20,000 in Houston, 15,000 in Nashville and several to tens of
thousands in dozens of other cities around the USA.

To start with, this movement is led by Democratic Party politicians with a
Democratic party agenda of saving what's left of the New Deal and Great
Society reforms, and saving Obama Care. For the Democratic Party, the true
aim of the agenda is to reverse their losses in the House of
Representatives and Senate (a product of their own electoral strategy).
Judging by the homemade signs in the marches, the agenda of the people in
the streets already goes further to include raising the minimum wage,
defending black lives, advancing immigrant rights, defending and advancing
LGBT rights, defending the environment...

Mobilizing people in the streets is exactly what the Democratic Party has
tried to steer clear of for years. And when people have taken to the
streets, all effort has been exerted to tamp the genie back down into the
bottle. Now, it seems that the genie is out and will be very hard to put


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