[Marxism] Building trades leaders meet with Trump

John Reimann 1999wildcat at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 02:46:54 MST 2017

Just days after the big women’s march, the leaders of the building trades
unions in the US held a nice sit-down with Donald Trump, helping to give
him cover for his anti-worker and bigoted policies. It should come as no
surprise. Back in November, Doug McCarron, president of the Carpenters
Union, sent a letter to the union’s membership saying that he was going to
try to work with Trump. (See here
the letter plus a translation.) As the letter makes clear, their position
is that they favor any construction, anywhere, any time, just so long as
they get a cut – through the dues money – for it. We should not be
surprised if they actually support building the wall along the Mexican

In fact, there is a long history to this sort of thing. Back in 1981, when
Reagan was president, the Carpenters Union president invited President
Reagan to address their general convention in Chicago. This was right in
the midst of Reagan’s busting of the air traffic controllers’ strike. The
California delegation wanted to walk out when he spoke, so the union
president got them all together and laid down the law.  “We’re going to
have to work with this president,” he said. In other words, he was wanting
to cut his own deal with Reagan and leave the other unions hanging,
starting with the air traffic controllers. It was what amounted to
political scabbing.

Now, Doug McCarron and the others are doing the same thing but worse.
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