[Marxism] Turning the March Into a Movement

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 06:59:34 MST 2017


Obviously I disagree completely with the authors' call to get organized in
order to change the Democratic Party.

But the picture they paint of the almost total absence of mass
organizations as mobilizers and participants in Saturday's women's marches
is the most detailed I've seen (and it totally fits what I saw in NY), and
should be a wake-up call to members of unions, immigrants' rights groups,
BLM, climate change and of course women's groups (as well as genuine
antiwar/solidarity forces).

Certainly there are groups in each of those categories who know how to turn
this momentum into organizing in and across sectors.

And certainly there are others who will be inspired to organize where there
is nothing now.

Personally I believe that among the leaders in this organizing process will
be militants in the "care" sector - health, education, childcare, etc. -
whose workers and service recipients embody the intersectionality of
today's working class and whose coworkers and community members have a
material interest in building and uniting the new movements and reviving
the old.

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