[Marxism] thoughts on the blog about Soros

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 15:12:36 MST 2017

Lou wrote: People who have not become radicalized always tend to follow the
cues of bourgeois politicians. When I was 21 years old, I kept hoping (and
even praying) that a peace candidate could be elected and end the war in
the same way people today hope that a liberal Democrat could replace Trump
and be a far better keeper of his or her promises than Barack Obama. While
Bernie Sanders might run again in 2020, I expect that the candidate will be
someone much more in the Elizabeth Warren mold.

My comment: I clipped the above from Lou's blog because I agreed with it so
much.  I have to confess that I am tempted to come out as a firm believer
in conspiracies, but I have learned not to take myself too seriously.
Soros does not particularly interest me and maybe that is a political
mistake.  What I am much more interested in, though, is the phenomenon of
awakening consciousness, which was so much on display at the Women's march.
Lou is right on the money with his realization that awakening consciousness
at first orientates to the existing political framework.

Somewhere Rosa Luxembourg talked of the masses emerging as a political
subject. That was what the Women's March was about. But if I was inclined
to niggle there was a fair bit about the day that one could niggle about.

 I cannot listen to Scarlet Johannson without thinking of the fate of
Palestinian women.  I nearly choked when Michael Moore talked about taking
over the Democratic Party. Rage gripped me when Ashley Judd mentioned
Condoleezza and Hilary with approval.

But these were just contradictory moments.  Johannson spoke very movingly
about Planned Parenthood and that was important. Moore's little workshop on
expanding the civic sphere was also vital. And Judd's overall performance
was wonderfully joyous and outrageous. So let us get on board the movement
that is just beginning. Every act of the pig-like Narcissus that squats in
the Oval Office will build our strength.  *Allez les Rouges*! Onward to the
American Revolution!



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