[Marxism] A comment on the Woman's March and black bloc

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jan 26 07:21:11 MST 2017

This comment just showed up on my article about Soros promoting a color 
revolution against Trump:

Anyone who experienced the contrast between the staged, sinister, and 
ineffective anarchist protests in DC as vs. the organized but 
spontaneous and highly effective Women’s March can testify that 
something was going on in the latter that wasn’t in the former.

And why set fire to some poor schmuck’s limousine for hire when the 
bastard was only trying to make a living? What an act of petty-bourgeois 
snobbery. Do these people buy their carefully coordinated black protest 
ensembles at Nordsrom’s?

This is not to sanction the grotesque overreaction of the government to 
the relatively minor violence of one faction of anarchists. To imprison 
230 protesters for ten years on felony charges after who knows what 
torture is the act of a stinking, worthless, cowardly, subhuman, 
illegitimate, and illegal tyrant and buffoon. One can only hope that 
this piece of shit will prove to be as ineffectual on the larger scale 
as he is ridiculous personally.

I often think with great pleasure of the video of Ceausescu and his wife 
being led out to be shot. One sees them in death’s antechamber bitching 
and making empty threats right up to the last moment. Then they exit. 
Then the shots ring out. Then, blessed silence. And there is that 
beautiful picture of Mussolini and Petacci strung up like sides of pork 
after getting what all fascists deserve.

The just unfortunately had to suffer the pains of Hell for decades 
before getting to enjoy these moments of bliss.

In the meantime, the Women’s March–and it will prove anticlimatic and 
lead for a time to a huge letdown–shows the only way forward.

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