[Marxism] Letter published in Victoria Times Colonist

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Thu Jan 26 09:46:34 MST 2017

The Victoria Times Colonist has a circulation approaching 50,000.
If 20% of those readers look at the letters to the editor and half of those read them thoroughly, then I reached 5,000 people.
Not bad for a retiree with time on his hands.
		ken h

Election doesn't mean we have to play dead

Re: "We need to accept results of election," letter, Jan. 24

The letter-writer reminds us to accept the election results.  We have no choice but to do that.
But we don't have to play dead.
The gains that were made in the 20th century for voting rights, women's rights and the rights of sexual minorities were not won at the ballot box, but in the street.
And that is where they will be defended.  The wonderful Women's March that we saw on five continents is just the beginning of that fight.

			Ken Hiebert

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