[Marxism] A new workers party: "Blueprint" or Perspectives?

Tristan Sloughter t at crashfast.com
Thu Jan 26 11:58:50 MST 2017

> I'm game for trying  anything anytime that does not involve creating a
> new bible. I have serious doubts our heretofore sectarian grouplets will
> somehow overcome themselves, but life always has a tendency to surprise
> you.
> I remain looking . . . revolutionaries sometimes are marked by our
> patience rather than our impatience.
> Mark : "I'm sure that several of us who have no organizational dog in
> this fight would be quite happy to help ease this process . . . entirely
> informally and with no formal assignment or title or credit.  We just
> want this thing done."

Upping this thread in hopes to keep tabs on these alliances others
become aware of and to keep dialogue going on how to make them

There is a Left Alliance being formed in San Diego that I only learned
about today but will be attending an organizing meeting on Sunday, here
are their points of unity

I learned about it from an ISO members who will be attending, but I am
not sure what other organizations are taking part yet.

In Brooklyn the DSA and ISO are working together

I've reached out to the ISO here in San Diego and will be meeting with
them tonight to discuss moving forward with organizing together.

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