[Marxism] The U.S. hasn't won a war in 70 years and Trump's buildup can't fix that

John Obrien causecollector at msn.com
Sat Jan 28 21:44:16 MST 2017

To state that the U. S. has not won a military victory in 70 years - is just false.

I am surprised that more people on this list have not mentioned that there was a

number of military efforts since 1945 that the U. S. government was successful in.

These range from Grenada to Serbia and from Kuwait to the Congo.  And often

through surrogate forces from Columbia to Sudan and Dominican Republic to


And to not recognize this deadly military monster that is often involved in

coups and counter revolutions through many ways, is not recognizing reality.

The U.S. military is very armed and dangerous with AI robotics to chemical and

biological weapons to nuclear weapons to eliminate all life on this planet. Just

what are U. S. military forces doing in more than half the nations of this planet?

They aided England in defeating the IRA in Ireland to removing Ghaddafi in Libya.

And some have written on this list to encourage this military death machine to

further invade and occupy Syria.  Seems so strange at times to understand how

people do not understand and recognize U. S. imperialism and its military's role

and terror on this list?


Subject: [Marxism] The U.S. hasn't won a war in 70 years and Trump's buildup can't fix that

Why do so many Americans think that we have inferior armed forces?
Because we can't seem to win a war, and we've been in plenty.
The United States has not won a decisive victory in any military
conflict it has been directly involved in since we nuked Japan in 1945.


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