[Marxism] Advantage Resistance

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 29 23:51:18 MST 2017

These are early days, but I feel that the Resistance to Trump is ahead, not
yet decisively but definitely making good ground. I am inclined to agree
with Richard Seymour when he says that Bannon is attempting to shift
politics irredeemably to the right, through the use of the executive order
system -http://www.leninology.co.uk/2017/01/under-sign-of-saturn-mov
ement-is-born.html.   I also agree with his diagnosis of the weaknesses of
the Trump camp.  One of Trump’s strengths is that he understands show
business.   His main weakness is that while political campaigning does have
a show business element, politics cannot be reduced to show business.  One
needs to campaign, yes, but one also needs to govern, and he is making a
hash of that.

The Trump show reminds me of the 19 year long reign of the Country Party
Premier in Qld, Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen (1911-2005).  Trump and Petersen
had the same approach to the English language - mangle it! Petersen had the
same base among the marginalised, especially the rural marginalised.
Petersen positioned himself as a vanguardist for conservative forces.  Just
as Trump is deploying the executive order system, Petersen used Qld’s
unicameral parliament and a gerrymandered electorate, where rural votes
were worth more than city votes, to discard centrist consensus politics and
govern from the far-right.

He also terrorised the state apparatuses, especially the education
apparatus. But in the end the state took him out through an anti-corruption
tribunal set up when Petersen was away running for Federal politics.  Petersen,
though, was always a side show.  He was the Premier of one of the
unimpoertant states.  He never had an army nor access to nuclear weapons,
thankfully! Trump’s potential power is too awful to contemplate.

Nonetheless, Trump might meet a similar fate to Petersen. But there is a
lot of water, hopefully not blood, to flow under the bridge before we come
to that.  It will only be when Trump is a direct threat to the interests of
the business elite and forces within the state, that there will be moves
against him.  In the meantime, as I always believed, he represents a bigger
threat to those forces outside America who have traditionally allied
themselves with the “leader of the Free World.” Theresa May’s embarrassment
at been caught holding the hand of the pussy-grabber is just one egregious

The planned Trump visit to UK is a wonderful opportunity.  The Tories have
foolishly made it a Royal Visit where the Guest (Trump) parades through the
street of London in an open carriage sitting alongside the Queen.  To the
Brits this is one of their key cards – the use of the Royalty to secure a
good deal from the Guest.  But the Royals’ interests do not necessarily
coincide with those of the British State, never mind the ruling
Conservative Party.  The “Firm”, as the Windsor Family are known as, will
not want to be at the centre of huge swirling anti-Trump demonstrations.  And
huge demonstrations there will be.

The irony is that the Right outside the States, especially in Australia, is
still convinced that Trump’s victory has strengthened their hand.  The
*Salvage* authors are correct that this time looks good for Fascists.  But
dialectically it also is good for the Left.  That is because the Centre has
no answers to the Far Right, only the Left do.   Much indeed is at stake,
for how the Left-Fascist struggle will pan out, will determine nothing less
than the future of humanity.



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