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Steven L. Robinson srobin21 at comcast.net
Mon Jan 30 16:43:47 MST 2017

The two earlier posts don't take into account the apparent discord in ruling circles. 

You have Ex-President Obama praising demonstrations. It is most unusual for an ex-President, especially a newly ex President, to intervene in the public discourse in such a way.  It brings to mind Chairman Mao's exhortation to "Bombard the headquarters!" back in 1966. 

The Trump Administration seems to be acting out of weakness as much as anything else. The exclusion of the top military brass and the Director of National  Intelligence from the National Security Council is arguably evidence of that - at least with the military brass, they surely would have been included had they been agreeable or at least subordinate to Trump's agenda.

The leading media outlets - WAPO, NY Times, CNN, etc. remain unabashedly hostile to Trump. This is in comparison to the Bush Era when most such outlets and pundits were behind the Iraq invasion, albeit differing over timing.  

So we have officially or semi-officially sponsored street demonstrations against Trump?


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That is indeed the $64 question. One sign of hope is the rapid successionof mushrooming movements - from Wisconsin teachers to Occupy to BLM towomen's march to #nomuslimban - each growing for weeks before fading, eachsolidarizing with the prior one - but not yet any natural organizationaland political links. Thus the continued absence of almost any organizationbanners or placards at these events.

Let's hope some organic multi-issue grassroots assemblies - as well asformal united front arrangements at the top which the former can push -come out of this.

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