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I have been very pre-occupied with Lou's post on the doco *Divided we Fall*.
I have been linking it in mind with Richard Seymour's remarks on melancholy
and defeat and the fact that it is defeat that calls the working class into
being. Can we learn to win?

I still think that some kind of councils or neighborhood committees might
emerge from this emergency.  However, at the moment, my best guess is that
the most powerful tendency will be that of Michael Moore's "We must take
over the Democrat Party". Witness the maneuvering of Pelosi and even the
sheep in sheep's clothing - Barack Obama.

There is also resistance within the state bureaucracy.  Not since the days
of Harry Truman has the State Department been under such pressure.

But the Democrats and the bureaucracy will seek an accommodation with the
Trump Camp, the moment pressure from below weakens. Still, for the moment
we have a mass movement.  Let us hope it builds an alternative political
centre soon.



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> That is indeed the $64 question. One sign of hope is the rapid succession
> of mushrooming movements - from Wisconsin teachers to Occupy to BLM to
> women's march to #nomuslimban - each growing for weeks before fading, each
> solidarizing with the prior one - but not yet any natural organizational
> and political links. Thus the continued absence of almost any organization
> banners or placards at these events.
> Let's hope some organic multi-issue grassroots assemblies - as well as
> formal united front arrangements at the top which the former can push -
> come out of this.
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