[Marxism] Replying to tweets from Lenin's Tomb

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 16:21:34 MST 2017

No Andrew, the exact opposite.  He is saying give it all we can. He thinks
Bannon has made a serious mistake.  I hope he is correct, but it will only
be a mistake if the streets are filled with hundreds of thousands of

The game is afoot, Andrew.  I am deadly serious when I say the future of
humanity is at stake.  If I get time I will try and get a piece up on the
impact of Trump's victory on the Right here in Australia.  They are now
bolder than they have ever been.

But we are a side show.  Strangely enough, the struggle in the UK around
the State Visit of Trump is one to watch.  As Richard would have it, the
aleatory is at work.  May was not to know that the invitation to Trump
would have turned out to be such a disaster and then that photograph of her
holding hands.

Her advisors are still probably cursing.





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> so is Seymour saying NOT to demonstrate?
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