[Marxism] The Black Panthers, Then & Now: Kathleen Cleaver Speaks | 3/7 6PM NYU Law VH210

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The Black Panthers, Then & Now: Kathleen Cleaver Speaks.


The NYU Law National Lawyers Guild will host *former communications
secretary of the Black Panther Party & professor of law at Emory University
Kathleen Cleaver* on *March 7th *at *6PM* at the *NYU School of Law,
Vanderbilt Hall Rm. 210*.

Professor Cleaver will speak on the Black Panther Party, which just marked
its 50th anniversary, and the implications and lessons that can be drawn
from the Party's experience in the age of Trump.

Professor Cleaver will join Palestinian-American youth organizer Aber Kawas
and Black Lives Matter organizer Kei Williams to discuss what lessons young
community organizers and grassroots activists can learn from the legacy of
the Panthers in the struggle against racism, mass incarceration,
imperialism, and police violence today.

Professor Cleaver has not only an important and unique perspective on the
power of revolutionary black resistance in America, but a necessary one. We
are in a time of unprecedented state violence against black and brown
people in America -- from Muslim bans and threats to deport millions of
people, to the return of the Dakota Access Pipeline, to the explicit calls
for racial profiling in policing, to the rise of right-wing extremists
within the new administration. At the same time, the United States has
threatened greater aggression abroad, from threats of war with Iran and the
return of the use of torture to unyielding support for the violation of
Palestinian rights, all expanding policies that are intricately linked with
domestic abuses.

Please join us for a monumental opportunity as revive and expand the
tradition of connecting anti-racist resistance at home with the fight
against state violence abroad in line with the practice of the Black
Panther Party.

*Please contact arg415 at nyu.edu <arg415 at nyu.edu> to co-sponsor this event.
Donations to help make this event possible are welcome. Suggested donation
is $100 for student and community groups; $500 for academic centers.*


NYU Black Allied Law Students Association
NYU Law & Social Change
NYU Coalition on Law & Representation
NYU South Asian Law Students Association
Arab-American Association of NY
NYU Students for Justice in Palestine
New York City Students for Justice in Palestine
NYU Women of Color Collective
(Full & Updated list of sponsors here: https://www.facebook.com/event

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