[Marxism] Fwd: Extreme capitalism of the Muslim Brothers, by Gilbert Achcar (Le Monde diplomatique - English edition, June

Joseph Green jgreen at communistvoice.org
Thu Mar 2 11:40:36 MST 2017

Andrew Pollack wrote:
> 1. About a month ago tens of thousands of mostly women textile workers went
> on strike in Egypt, and as is always the case faced threats of firing or
> worse:
> http://www.madamasr.com/en/2017/02/09/news/u/mahalla-textile-workers-temporarily-call-off-strike-5-strike-leaders-face-disciplinary-hearings/
> Which side of that combined economic/social/political struggle are you on,
> Joseph?

This is just more abuse, Andrew. That's your answer to every refutation of 
permanent revolution. You don't deal with the alternative theory set forward, 
or with the facts concerning the democratizations of the last few decades. 
No, it's just abuse, abuse, abuse. It reminds me of the way you-know-who 
deals with people who contradict him.

> 2. Also recently several South African revolutionaries described in
> Pambazuka the battles, both in the workplaces and streets and in ideas,
> between South Africa's bourgeois rulers and its workers:
> http://www.europe-solidaire.org/spip.php?article40214
> Some of the articles mention that NUMSA's "marxist-leninist" leadership is
> backtracking from its promised drive for socialist politics and strategy.
> Where do you stand on that, Joseph?

If you have important information about what's going on in South Africa, 
Andrew, please post it. Describe what's going on, how you see the different 
paths being proposed and the different organizations that exist, and so on.  
I would be interested, even if I disagree with your analysis, and it might 
also encourage contributions from other people on South Africa.

> And for god's sake don't just copy and paste your old emails.

I don't know why you're so upset by this. You don't read it anyway. But in 
any case I didn't just "copy and paste". I mainly gave a new exposition of my 
standpoint, in the reply to the current discussion, and it has analysis which 
you haven't replied to. Except with abuse. However, it's significant that I 
can include what I wrote about the Arab Spring in 2011, and it holds up 
pretty well. But the statements of the time which were based on the  theory 
of permanent revolution were haywire.

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