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Thu Mar 2 11:54:12 MST 2017

I don't believe that Joseph Green understands very much about the theory of
Permanent Revolution. It is, as a  theory (and a programmatic perspective)
proven by negative example all the time, *especially* in Egypt, to cite one
example, Tunisia another and the list tragically goes on. Has PR been used
(and still is) dogmatically with sad consequences? Of course it has.

One the starkest examples is post-WWII India where the Calcutta Trotskyist
organization, based on their incorrect understanding of PR, exclaimed that
Indian independence from Britain would be impossible to achieve short of
the revolution growing over into a full fledged socialist one. India
achieved "independence" in the formal sense exactly as had all of Latin
America 120 years previously. But this doesn't mean the totality of
democratic tasks can be achieved without a total confrontation with the
'national' capitalists. And, even where independence is acheived, the
*subordination* of the recently independent countries to the Imperialist
center was always occurring, if not immediately, then as a constant
process, which reverses those gains, even if it takes decades to do so.

The basis of PR, *especially in this Century* is that Imperialism will
always use it's local agents, the local clientele capitalists in the still
capitalist states to push, and reverse, every gain ever made by the working
class and peasantry in developing countries. That is clearly evident in
Egypt where the formal democratic gains were pushed aside by the very
pro-capitalist (albeit bonapartist) army on behest of the Imperialists.

David Walters

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