[Marxism] Fascism or Just More Barbarism?

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Thu Mar 2 15:41:47 MST 2017

Anemic turnout - in the low hundreds - for pro-Trump rallies:

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> Trump in Perspective: Fascism or Just More      Barbarism?
> http://www.thenorthstar.info/?p=13187
> My comment on the article.
>                 ken h
> While fascists have taken heart form the Trump victory, I agree with the
> author that we are not at the point of fascism.
> My understanding of fascism is that it is a mass movement and it has the
> capacity to engage in street combat.  The relationship of forces has not
> gone that far, as yet.
> During the wonderful airport demonstrations I caught a fragment on cable
> TV that suggested Trump supporters were on their way to the Los Angeles
> airport.  I heard no more about that.  A strong fascist movement would have
> been able to mobilize anti-immigrant demonstrations at the airports, even
> going so far as to attack the pro-immigrant demonstrations.
> Again and again, since the inauguration, we have seen people in the
> street.  The Women's March, the Yemeni bodega owners, the Day(s) Without
> Immigrants.
> No doubt there were fascists that would have wanted to attack these
> demonstrations.  But they did not have the forces.
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