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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Mar 2 16:25:07 MST 2017

Q: You write about the way the crises of our time — of resources, 
climate, financial system – fit together. How do they fit together, and 
why is it important to see them that way?

A: The crisis of our time – financialization, the questions of income 
and wealth and inequality, climate change, droughts, ocean acidification 
and so on – we need to answer how all of those questions fit together, 
how they are connected. Otherwise, we end up seeing the problem in a 
deeply fragmented way, which is exactly how the ruling classes of our 
time want us to see it. We live in a world that is made by rationality, 
but a particular kind of rationality. It is a rationality of fragments, 
although it has the appearance of being holistic, because you can 
quantify, you can subject everything into an algorithm. We need to move 
beyond fragments and see how things are connected.

full: http://www.h-alter.org/vijesti/the-deathbed-of-capitalism

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