Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 3 18:11:53 MST 2017

With this PHYSICAL disruption (the word of choice of RT) of a White
Helmets' event in Grand Central, the Stalinists of the Hands Off Syria
Coalition have put themselves beyond the pale. There is a long-standing
tradition against violence within the movements of workers' and the
oppressed. The Workers World thugs who violated this tradition have shown
they cannot be trusted to share platforms, meetings or demonstrations with
activists seeking to advance progressive causes.
If the Grand Central event had been properly marshalled the Stalinists
could have been stopped; we must ensure this oversight is not repeated.
(And let's not forget that it's the genocidal violence of their leader
Assad that caused the flight, death and wounding of millions of Syrians,
the very ones with Workers World claims to support once they're refugees.
Please share this widely, alert comrades to the danger of thug violence.

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