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Workers World in Houston physically attacked demonstrations back in the
early 1970s, initiating it all by accepting a debate over antiwar strategy
and then disrupting it.  I viewed that, at the time and since, as a local
aberration--the result of WWP's having recruited a preexisting local group
with its own peculiar ideas about how to go about having an impact.

Even then, though, the responsibility falls on the organization to reign in
people if they're doing what the organization doesn't want done.


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> On 3/3/17 8:29 PM, Andrew Pollack via Marxism wrote:
>> Fine. So next time you speak from the floor I'll just walk up and down in
>> front of you with a poster blocking your face. No problem, right?
> Yeah, I had that done to me in effect by Vivek Chibber. He's an asshole
> but I wouldn't consider that "violence".
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