[Marxism] US Arab Spring policy? Third party counter-revolution

Michael Karadjis mkaradjis at gmail.com
Fri Mar 3 23:33:06 MST 2017

US Arab Spring policy? Third party counter-revolution
by eternispring


The “rebel” factions that the US has directly supported in Syria have 
always been those that do not fight Assad – in other words rebels that 
don’t rebel. The SDF position on Syria is identical to that of the US – 
a “third option” theoretically distinguishable from the regime but which 
ultimately involves indirect support to it. This “regime preservation by 
proxy” has been US policy in the conflict, helping it to avoid the 
criticisms which would otherwise arise from unmediated direct support – 
with other “proxy” US-backed allies of the regime include Iraqi army 
brigades (who currently form the biggest ground forces of the Assad 
regime) and the Egyptian al-Sisi regime.

Another example of what’s talked about here is the famed “US only found 
54 moderate rebels to fight ISIS”. Hundreds of outlets (mainstream and 
alternative) probably recirculated the original context-less source 
piece, in turn reaching millions of people. And in only a tiny minority 
will the crucial detail being missing: that there were only 54 
signatories because the US stipulated that those who signed up sign a 
declaration to use their weapons only to fight ISIS, not Assad. This in 
turn provides the source material for “alternative media” outlets to 
repeat the upside-down narrative of a US conspiracy against the Assad 
regime.The result literally from just one misleading piece failing to 
add a line is millions of people understanding the issue upside down.

This isn’t unique to Syria either; for instance you’ll often find 
Zionists say “the Palestinians rejected the 1947 UN partition plan which 
would’ve given a peaceful solution to the Arabs and Israelis”. And 
whilst this is certainly true, as ever the critical small-print is 
missing: that the Palestinians rejected a plan which a) divided a 
country which shouldn’t have been divided and b) even in this division 
gave away more than half of the territory to a minority largely foreign 
population. For decades such myths were allowed to expand before being 
adequately challenged.

The reality is that every single faction the US has directly supported 
in the Syrian conflict have been brigades that have stopped fighting 
Assad. Whether its the SDF factions, the Mua’atasim Brigade or the New 
Syrian Army, all of these groups only got US support once they made 
clear they wouldn’t be fighting Assad. Some, like the NSA which operate 
on the Syrian-Iraqi border have even collaborated with the pro-Assad 
Iraqi government.

The indirect support has also allowed the US to directly support the 
regime as well. By pursuing a “third path” the regime was eventually 
rehabilitated enough and by 2014 the US was bombing Assad’s enemies – 
“moderate” and extreme – alongside his airforce.


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