[Marxism] The Russian election hack: bullshit

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Sat Mar 4 20:43:52 MST 2017

A review of some aspects of this cock-and-bull story.

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This whole scenario makes no sense.

The FBI and DNC don't take seriously the Russian incursion, which goes 
on for months.

We're told these are hyper-sophisticated secret attacks but the Podesta 
email trick is so pedestrian you can look it up in the dictionary. And 
apparently it was not even exploited to plant software in Podesta's 
machine (or that of his aides), only to harvest emails from Google's 

The Russians supposedly were both fiendishly clever and completely 
clueless. They realized how damaging the revelation of real documents 
and emails would be ... but didn't do it when it would have been most 
damaging, during the primaries.  When they release it, they do it 
through Wikileaks, where it will have the least impact, instead of 
doling giving it to the New York Times and other news organization.

There is one word that best describes this story: bullshit.

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