[Marxism] Trump as seen from Down Under

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 4 20:46:43 MST 2017

I have mentioned before that the right wing her in Australia have been
immensely emboldened by the Trump victory.  Now there have been a salvo let
loose from the Left.   Leftist historian, speech writer and script writer
Don Watson has let loose on the Trump "horror show" in *The Monthly*.

The article is at


For starters it is brilliantly written. Watson is a major stylist and has
produced a genuinely enjoyable take down of the monster in the Oval
Office.  His line is interesting.  He depicts Trump as quintessentially
American and asks why has it taken so long to produce a president like
him.  He writes:

*A scam artist, an ignoramus, a professional liar, a colossal and malignant
narcissist, a vulgarian, a casino operator, a serial bankrupt – a Roy
Cohn–mentored billionaire with deep Mob connections – is in the White
House. Has there ever been a more American presidency? What took them so

He then flirts with channeling the Nietzschean intellectual, H. L. Mencken,
and his talk of the "morons".  Watson of course is forced to condemn
Clinton's talk of a "basketful of deplorables" and he rightly says that
phrase will be her legacy.

My comment is this.  If we want to say or if we accept that Trump's victory
is a victory for typical Americans then we cannot avoid the Mencken
position that the majority of Americans are deplorables or morons.  And
Watson is trapped here.

The solution of course is to insist that Trump is a minority President.
That happens to accord with empirical reality.   There is no need then to
flirt with Mencken and Nietzsche and deplore the role of the majority and
to bask in the self-pity of the isolated intellectual.

We actually have an opportunity for the left intelligentsia to end its
isolation and to break through to a mass base by opposing Trump.  But we
will never get there if we think he represents the majority.  My take on it
all remains that the American ruling class (the true deplorables) has made
a major error in allowing the jester to keep prancing around in the crown
and the robes of the king after the carnival is over.  The fact that the
jester is a sociopath and a narcissist compounds the error.

We are about to see major acts of resistance by a wide variety of interest
groups.  They will all be united by a realization of the necessity to say
No to Trump.  that is the good news story.



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