[Marxism] Fwd: Extreme capitalism of the Muslim Brothers, by Gilbert Achcar (Le Monde diplomatique - English edition, June,

Joseph Green jgreen at communistvoice.org
Sun Mar 5 09:32:31 MST 2017

Andrew Pollack wrote:
> re Green's latest on Egypt:  I'm sure all the RS comrades who've been
> jailed because they fought for DEMOCRATIC demands will be glad to hear that
> their protests and jailings never happened.

Yet more abuse, Andrew? 

The issue re Egypt isn't whether Trotskyists ever fight for democratic 
demands. Of course they have.

The issue is why did the RS briefly back the military coup? What was the 
source of this horrendous error? And in fact, the theory of permanent 
revolution was one of the sources of this error.

Those who deeply  respect the sacrifices made by activists in the Arab Spring 
will look seriously into what has happened. This is part of real support for 
the activists and working masses involved in the Arab Spring, but you, 
Andrew,  put support for an erroneous theory above solidarity with these 

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