[Marxism] Risk of post-ISIS chaos

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Mon Mar 6 08:53:35 MST 2017

The reference to "Canada's own sovereigntist movement" is no doubt a reference to Quebec, although it could just as well refer to movements toward sovereignty among First nations.
		ken h

Risk of post-ISIS chaos in Iraq casts new light on Canada's support for Kurds


But many are also watching to see whether the Kurds plan to demand independence from the rest of Iraq, as their leaders -- whose arguments for separation echo Canada's own sovereigntist movement -- have promised.

Canadian officials have repeatedly noted that with the Iraqi military in disarray, there were no other reliable partners for fighting ISIL when it was capturing large swaths of territory in 2014.
Even now, they highlight the good co-operation between all the different factions in the fight, and reiterate the importance of all factions staying united against a threat that's not disappearing any time soon.
Brig.-Gen. David Anderson, who is leading a multinational team of military advisers posted inside the Iraqi defence ministry in Baghdad, acknowledged the political situation is "squishy."
"Do I think there's the potential for friction? Absolutely," he said. "But right now, everyone is saying all of the right things."

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