[Marxism] Sean Stone interviews Rania Khalek: A confederacy of dunces

Michael Karadjis mkaradjis at gmail.com
Tue Mar 7 07:00:07 MST 2017

MARCH 4, 2017

Rania Khalek is struggling to salvage her career as an “independent” 
journalist after embedding herself with the Syrian army last year & 
traveling to Aleppo with Bartlett & Beeley. That hasn’t hurt their 
careers much but they’re professional propagandists on Assad’s payroll 
while she has no idea what the hell she’s doing.
While on the road back to Damascus accompanied by Syrian soldiers, 
Khalek got sick & wondered aloud on social media if she had been 
poisoned by the Syrian army since they were so controlling. This 
outraged Bartlett & Beeley who roasted her for impugning their beloved 
Syrian army & the Assad regime. A falling out between ardent Assadist 
ideologues & groveling, inept wannabes can get pretty nasty.
RT apparently has not given up on Khalek yet since they often enough 
interview her as an expert on Syrian politics based on her one week 
under close supervision “If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium” kind of 
tour. The network seems to be testing her out for a full-time gig. Her 
latest is an interview on RT by Sean Stone, the actor & son of Oliver 
Stone who already has a regular gig on RT. Not unlike his father, Sean 
Stone is a full-blown libertarian conspiracy thinker who navigates 
complex political issues by intuition & paranoia & doesn’t appear to 
have cracked a book since high school. He is just as ignorant as Khalek 
on the issue of Syria & just as ardent a supporter of Assad’s 
dictatorship & Russian military intervention.
Stone, who four years ago was dismissive about terrorism & called the 
so-called war on terror “constant fear mongering & aggression,” 
interviewed Khalek about the White Helmets & was now feeding her lines 
about the Syrian army liberating Syrians from “jihadist terrorists.” 
Neither has the investigative integrity considered de rigueur to an 
honest 7th grader. Watching Stone interview Khalek brings to mind the 
phrase “the worst are full of passionate intensity” from The Second 
Coming by W.B. Yeats because what they lack in understanding, they try 
to make up for with feigned ardor.
Some Assadist media (that not run by Bartlett & Beeley) like Mint Press 
News publish Khalek’s endless laments about the hit her career has taken 
since her ill-fated whirlwind tour of Syria intended to give her 
credentials but which has brought her shame. For Khalek, revolution & 
counter-revolution in Syria is all about her; it’s happening 6,000 miles 
from her wounded ego that no one will publish her articles or pay her 
honoraria to speak. She complains that she’s being silenced & smeared, 
“marginalized & ostracized” by opponents of Assad’s dictatorship when 
actually her career is tanking because no one gives a damn what she has 
to say; she doesn’t know anything. Her recent writings on media coverage 
of Syria & the refugee crisis are an embarrassment of groveling 
apologetics, perhaps hoping Assad will take notice & put her on the 
payroll too.
Alas, poor Rania! Thou hast undone thine own career by thinking you can 
wing it & play lightly with the life & death questions of revolution & 
counter-revolution in Syria. Thou hath wrought this upon thyself & will 
have to live with oblivion which many before you have preferred to 
Full interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtNL_nYuD3Y

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