[Marxism] Of course they wiretapped Trump & his aides

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Tue Mar 7 07:42:41 MST 2017

My first response was much the same as Joaquin's.  Of course His Orangeness
was tapped.  Everybody is.  He was probably tapped by multiple parties,
including business rivals and partners. It's the personalization of
it--that Obama personally did it--that has some people fitting him up for
the tin foil hat.  I'm not sure whether it hurts him generally, though.
While i don't trust in the least the poorly described and dishonestly
reported approval ratings, they don't seem to have fallen very

In a country where a sizeable minority are wearing tin foil hats, the man
wearing one in the White House doesn't seem so crazy.

The problem is that the pundits and the Washington grooming industry is
absolutely dead wrong when they talk of Trump's Twitter habit.

Indeed, it might go sour on him at some point, but his tweets have actually
been working just dandy for him.  Remember what he quipped at one point in
the campaign--that he could go out on the street and shoot someone and it
wouldn't hurt his public image?  That's been repeatedly, if figuratively,
shown to be the case.  Instant 24/7 news coverage which--at it's
essence--is going to be muddled and indecisive rehashing that leaves the
impression that Trump may well once again be the victim.

On one level, this got started in a very serious way with Reagan's people,
who realized that images and impressions conveyed through the media are
more important than what's actually being said.  It's as though Reagan was
a bumbling old movie star shifted around the set by his managers as needs
be, while Trump seems to boil down to nothing other than his image, his
brand.  And he's done an excellent job learning to manage that to his

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