[Marxism] Of course they wiretapped Trump & his aides

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Tue Mar 7 07:47:32 MST 2017

Of course he's a liar because he has zero proof and got the story from an
implied tabloid story from Breitbart: "sources tell us...". Like "sources
tell us that President George H. Bush eats babies...photos on page 6...".
In other words, it simply does NOT matter if it's true or not...Trump is
knowingly citing a *fictitious* story and is knowingly lying by repeating
it, just like his 'birther' nonsense [ just like everything he says in
order to detract from the Russian story or who knows why.] Otherwise he'd
cite *something*. I wonder now how he will be unseated and...when...now
he's just embarrassing our species....

David Walters

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