[Marxism] Of course they wiretapped Trump & his aides

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Tue Mar 7 08:12:57 MST 2017

When has Trump ever cited the evidence for one of his claims?


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> On 2017-03-07 14:03, Louis Proyect via Marxism wrote:
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> > It is also the reason that Trump uses [twitter] obsessively. It allows 
> > him to
> > make these single sentence provocations
> Yes, but that's sort of beside the point. Trump isn't so stupid that he 
> wouldn't cite voluminous evidence to support his assertions if it 
> existed. If he could, he would have GIVEN PROOF that 3 million illegal 
> voters for Clinton tilted the popular vote. He would have supplied 
> evidence that his inauguration turnout was bigger than Obama's. He would 
> have cited statistics showing that  street crime is at at at a high 
> point, and that immigrants from those 6 countries are responsible for 
> "terrorist attacks" in the US. I don't call these "provocations," they 
> are called lies. And so the 140 character limit of twitter HELPS his 
> presentation because if he were able to go on for another 140 characters 
> then he wouldn't have anything new to say. And the part of the 
> population who will believe whatever he claims doesn't want to know 
> anything further, or to even think about examining any evidence.
> So as far as I'm concerned he's also lying when he talks about being 
> wiretapped, even if (as Joaquin believes) it's true. Because he doesn't 
> have any specific evidence for it. Nor do his diehard supporters want 
> any (and after all, this lie is more plausible than many of his other 
> unproved assertions). If he ever gets around to saying something that is 
> true, then you WILL get supporting information, but he gets more 
> political mileage from disseminating alternative facts (= lies).
> - Jeff
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