[Marxism] Fwd: Lynne Stewart RIP.

Jeff meisner at xs4all.nl
Wed Mar 8 05:55:58 MST 2017

Dear Friends,

A few minutes ago my dear friend and comrade, Ralph Poynter, called to 
say that his lifelong companion, Lynne Stewart, passed away. She was 77, 
of Irish origin, and a born fighter who unswervingly devoted herself to 
humanity's cause.

Just a few weeks earlier Lynne pledged to meet me in NY in a couple of 
months, over dinner to be sure, when we would dance once again to 
demonstrate that her life still had some time to go...  and for joy.

A few years earlier, when prospects looked bleak to win her freedom 
based on "compassionate release" Lynne insisted that she would prevail 
and that she would celebrate with us in San Francisco to the tunes of a 
brass band. Sure enough, a brass band did appear at Lynne's welcome home 
San Francisco rally, and she and Ralph, surrounded by her loving 
friends, danced in the streets at 15th and Valencia. It was a victory 
well worth the effort, allowing Lynne a couple of more years to fight on 
against all that is evil in this barbarous capitalist world, and to 
smile at every inch we collectively gained as we fought back.

Lynne was always surrounded by family and loved ones, with children from 
her first marriage, and Ralph's too, as well kids together, and 
grandkids – all filled with admiration for Grandma Lynne – all the 
recipient of Lynne's warmth, dedication, mindfulness and love.

Lynne was fond of saying, including to the New York Times reporter who 
interviewed her at her home a few weeks before her death, that she had 
no intention of leaving this earth quietly. Quoting Dillon Thomas she 
told The Times, whose reporter, followed the next day with a 
contemptuous hate piece  recounting his corporate master's ire for 
everything wonderful in Lynne life and struggles, that she had no 
intention of "going gently into that good night."

That was Lynne's credo, her detractors notwithstanding. Always the 
poet's words in mind, Lynne insisted,

"Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rage at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light."

Funds are urgently needed to cover final family expenses. Give 
generously comrades and friends. We are honoring Lynne's gift to us all 
and to all who rage against injustice everywhere.

In solidarity,  Jeff Mackler

  Lynne Stewart Organization

     1070 Dean St.

  Brooklyn, NY 11216-1st floor
  (make checks payable to Lynne Stewart Org.)

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