[Marxism] petition to Noam Chomsky from Idrees Ahmad re: Rania Khalek

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 8 06:11:49 MST 2017

Dear Professor Chomsky,

A petition is circulating with your signature on it. It is in support of an
east coast blogger named Rania Khalek. Khalek has previously fabricated a
non-existent UN report to allege that besieged Aleppo was suffering because
of US sanctions rather than Assad’s siege. There was no such report and The
Intercept had to issue a retraction. She was fired from Alternet for
plagiarism. She was forced to resign from the Electronic Intifada because
she went to attend a PR conference in Damascus while Aleppo was under
assault. Over a hundred Palestinian writers and activists have written an
open letter disavowing her politics. But you have joined the pro-Assad
Syria Solidarity Movement, publisher of the Iranian regime-backed
conspiracy site MintPress, and journalists from Kremlin broadcaster RT to
support this blogger. Does this reflect a change in your position on Syria?

Secondly: Do you believe people are entitled to platforms? Don't organisers
have the right to judge who is worthy?

Thirdly: what is your position on misogyny? Rania Khalek has publicly
defended a sectarian Hizbullah activist (Ali Kourani) for threatening
multiple women online (he’ll hang them “by their clits” he says). She says
he is a “good person”. Do you believe good persons threaten to hang their
female critics “by their clits”?

Lastly: You are no doubt aware that the UN has accused the Syrian regime of
the “crime of extermination”. Do you believe condemning the Syrian regime’s
crimes is a mere “political difference” as your petition suggests?
Shouldn't the lives threatened by the regime be of greater concern to you
than an Assadists right to slander them?

I look forward to your reply.

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