[Marxism] petition to Noam Chomsky from Idrees Ahmad re: Rania Khalek

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Wed Mar 8 16:28:21 MST 2017

Tristan has a point. EXCEPT that poor little Rania ("people are
suffeirng genocide but what about me and my rights, sob sob) Khalek is
NOT being censored, no-one is suppressing her right to speak and write
as she pleases, quite simply an organisation, Students for Justice in
Palestine (SJP) made its own decision to not give a pro-genocide
boot-licker a platform at THEIR function, just as any other
organisation can make its own sovereign decision about who they invite
to speak and who they don't. Should SJP be obliged to invite Faurisson
too if he asks? Or David Duke? Why not Assad?

Sorry, Chomsky is a hypocrite.

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> Considering the "Faurisson affair", Chomsky was the only name in the
> list who I thought might not be being a hypocrite.
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