[Marxism] Che on Marx and Engels

Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 9 17:04:34 MST 2017

Ernesto Che Guevara, *Marx and Engels: a biographical introduction*,
published by Ocean Press, Melbourne.

by Phil Duncan

Ocean Press is a fascinating little publisher, specialising in publishing
the work of Cuban revolutionaries in English.  Some years back, while
visiting Melbourne, I picked up a book of theirs on Haydee Santamaria, one
of my personal revolutionary heroes, so it was gratifying to come across
this little book by Che on Marx and Engels late last year.

Che actually wrote this modest, but highly interesting, little work after
his involvement in the revolutionary struggle in the Congo in 1965 and
before his final misadventure in Bolivia.  It was originally envisaged not
as a stand-alone piece but as part of a much larger work on political
economy.  Pressing attachments elsewhere, most particularly his decision to
go to Bolivia to help foster revolution there, meant his book was not
completed, although fragments that were have been published.  The book
arose out of Che’s disquiet about the Soviet bloc and his concern that it
was headed more towards capitalism than socialism.  He grappled, both in
his role as a leading figure in the shaping of the revolutionary Cuban
economy and later in Africa and Bolivia, with the problems of the
transition from capitalism to socialism, becoming more and more convinced
that things in the Soviet Union had taken a wrong turn. . . .


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