[Marxism] Fwd: Perry Anderson: Passing the Baton. New Left Review 103, January-February 2017.

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I have a soft spot for old Perry, but can he start using "undocumented" as
opposed to "illegals" in his texts? Or do I detect a vague antipathy
towards the idea of the free movement of people?

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> (Perry Anderson in fine fettle.)
> There is a further, obvious obstacle to reconfiguring the Democrats with
> even the weakest ‘social’ and hyphen before their name. Standing in the way
> of that is not only the whole history of the party since the inception of
> the Cold War, and its contemporary machinery of billionaire donors and
> fixers, but its principal icon. Obama, still resident in Washington, will
> be active—behind the scenes or from a cloud above them—in lending the party
> he neglected in office suitable guidance and energy to ensure the Democrats
> remain a congenial, avowedly middle-of-the-road vehicle for capital in
> 2020. He, not Trump, is likely to be the leading impediment to any
> expansion of a Sanders-plus insurgency uniting downwardly mobile
> millennials, hard-pressed workers and restive minorities on any more
> radical and genuinely internationalist platform of a sort that would merit
> the term left.
> full: https://newleftreview.org/II/103/perry-anderson-passing-the-baton
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