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Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 14 10:15:26 MDT 2017

More context to reinforce Jim's correct points:

Hessen stressed the impact of English military developments on Newton,
specifically the need of the military for a science and math which could
solve such problems as weapon trajectories. (This point was later taken up
by Robert K. Merton, who knew of the conference and "borrowed" Hessen's

Naturally the bourgeoisie couldn't give a flying fuck what Newton or his
colleagues believed in their personal time, as long as they kept churning
out extremely useful theoretical tools for the above needs, as well as for
corresponding civilian applications.

Meanwhile today we have something of a reverse result of the connection
between scientists' personal beliefs and their scientific theories. Richard
Dawkins' reactionary obsession with the micro/genetic level "explanation"
of biological evolution (which Niles Eldredge has effectively demolished
for denying events at species and above levels), fits perfectly with his
equally-mechanical and narrow social beliefs, i.e. his perversion of
atheism, transforming it from a liberating philosophy into a racist,
Islamophobic mania.

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