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Confusion on the Left
Posted on March 14, 2017
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*'“Iran, Hezbollah and Russia are fighting in solidarity with Syria in
defending Syria’s soverienty and this is a great act of international
solidarity.  The liberation of Aleppo was a victory for the people against
imperialism.  The US role has been to support and **enable ISIS with
tremendous military aid from the US along  with  Turkey.  They support
ISIS, Nusra, El Quaeda and the so-called democratic **opposition forces  in
Syria, which are just as terroristic and violent as ISIS.  They all attack
and commit genocide against the people of **Syria.  It is foremost a war
against the people and the entire infrastructure of the country.  ISIS is a
neo-colonialist force for the imperialists.”*

So wrote somebody on a left e mail list, expressing a view that is all too
common on the left. Let’s dissect this statement:

*Analysis*'“Iran,* Hezbollah and Russia are… defending Syria’s sovereignty
and this is a great act of international solidarity.” *

"Really? Here we have the right wing, chauvinist Putin regime, the regime
which bases itself on chauvinism at home and allies itself with far right
bigots and racists and neofascists throughout Europe such as Jobbik in
Hungary and the National Front in France, the regime that bombed Grozny (in
Chechnya) to smithereens, and the right wing, religious fundamentalist
Iranian regime, and Hezbollah – the representative of Shia capitalists. If
anybody thinks they are sending troops into Syria, or bombing Syria (in the
case of Putin’s forces) as an act of solidarity or to help the Syrian
masses, or not acting in the interests of their own respective capitalists,
they are living in an alternate universe....

"*Historic Role of Working Class*

"What lies behind this sort of “thinking” is not only a refusal to take a
serious look at history; it’s also a failure to consider the working class
as a potential subject of history; it sees the most powerful capitalist
country in the world – US capitalism – as having unlimited power to
manipulate and control everything. It refuses to see that there are not
only laws of motion of the capitalist economy; there are also laws of
motion of political development.

"If foreign policy is just an extension of domestic policy, then the
reverse is true also, and this is the problem. Much of the same left that
doesn’t see international struggles in clear class terms also doesn’t see
the struggle here like that. The same light-minded, ahistorical approach,
the same refusal to look beneath the surface, the same failure to see the
*class *forces at work apply at home too.

Hopefully, this will change as a more open class struggle opens up in the

See more: https://oaklandsocialist.com/2017/03/14/confusion-on-the-left/

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