[Marxism] UN Syria Commission clears YPG/J and SDF of ethnic cleansing charges

Nick Fredman nick.j.fredman at gmail.com
Wed Mar 15 16:36:59 MDT 2017

The report, covering the miserable situation accross Syria generally,
describes any displacement by YPG/J and SDF as due to military necessity,
particularly the mass clearance of IS' indiscriminately laid land mines. It
notes some abuses that are very minor in the context of Syria but
explicitly rejects ethnic cleansing. By my reckoning these charges have now
been rebutted by a Syria National Coalition team, the Syria Observatory for
Human Rights and now the UN Commission for Syria. The UN report is
available as the latest report

As Kobane-based Kurdish-Australian Hawzhin Azeez activist noted on Facebook:

Hawzhin Azeez added 3 new photos.
March 14 at 7:53pm ·
The UN Commission for Syria has just released an official statement
absolving the YPG and the SDF of systematic and forced displacement and
cleansing of Arab villages and communities in the Rojava region. This
statement unequivocally dispels allegations made by certain "Human Rights"
organisations such as Amnesty International which produced a widely
publicized and disseminated report in 2015 accusing the YPG of ethnic
discrimination, razing, cleansing and displacement of Arab communities. At
the time of the release of the report to date many Leftest organisations
and associations accepted the report as unequivocally correct and the YPG,
a force which has overwhelmingly fought for the protection of all ethnic
and religious groups, particularly ensuring the safety and well being of
Arab communities was marked as another violent, oppressive and
'imperialist/colonizing' force- rather than the revolutionary, inclusive
and democratic body it has always aimed and aspired to be. Amnesty's false
report contributed to ongoing propaganda against Rojava, the Kurds and the
YPG and was deeply damaging, furthering the agendas and interests of
certain groups and parties, particularly Turkey.

If you stand in solidarity with the YPG-YPJ-SDF this report and statement
by the UN needs to be circulated widely. Please spread the statement far
and wide as this is a rare moment when the truth is spoken, a privilege
that we know is not an afforded to us very often.

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